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And the secret to writing an open-ended headline is…
If you’re not totally into writing great headlines, you should be. When you’re writing online,…   →   Source: Nick Usborne
How I Turned a Butt-Dial into a Big Deal…
Note: If this post has a familiar ring, there’s a reason for that: I ran…   →   Source: The Well-Fed Writer
You Can Use Content Marketing to Grow (Even in a Boring Business)
By now you’ve heard all the reasons why you should be utilizing content marketing to…   →   Source: Feldman Creative
Tap into the power of a shared, common experience.
If, like me, you write a blog, you’ve probably promised yourself you’ll post at least…   →   Source: Nick Usborne
Thirteen devilishly persuasive copywriting techniques
Engagement. Permission. Storytelling. What’s wrong with marketers these days? It’s time to drop the sanctimony…   →   Source: ABC Copywriting
The Entrepreneur’s Checklist
Friday, 2:15pm Reno, NV “I read the news today, oh boy…” (John Lennon, “A Day…   →   Source: The Rant
Butlin’s copywriting review
A trip to Butlin’s is a funny old thing. On the one hand, it’s guaranteed…   →   Source: ABC Copywriting
Does Your Copy Show Customers The Path of Least Resistance?
This week I’m in Fort Worth, Texas, after speaking at the NIOSummit: the Non-Profit Innovation…   →   Source: HarrisonAmy Copywriting
How To Stop Being Taken For A Ride (Which, If You’re Honest, You Are Right Now)
Sunday, 2:22pm Reno, NV “Let’s make the most of every second we can borrow…” (“Let…   →   Source: The Rant
Say what you’re selling
Ronseal’s ‘Does exactly what it says on the tin’ is one of the all-time great…   →   Source: ABC Copywriting
The Alcoholic Author and Other Writerly Myths…
// <!).push({}); // ]]> Writing Stereotypes: Fact or Fiction? He’s suffering…   →   Source: Author Unlimited
90% of Local Advertising Summed Up In 2 Slogans
First, if all you want are the two slogans, you’ll either have to wait to…   →   Source: Jeff Sexton Writes
Is your copy competitive or a commodity? Take the library book test…
Every now and then I find myself having the same frustration in my local library.…   →   Source: HarrisonAmy Copywriting
Should You Be Worried About This? I’m Not…
Got this email from a reader in Canada a few weeks back: Writers in my…   →   Source: The Well-Fed Writer
What Advertising Can’t Do
Genuine expertise always leaves clues. And in the ad business, the very best tell-tale sign…   →   Source: Jeff Sexton Writes
Wise-Ass Wisdom Round Up, Part Deux
Sunday, 4:39pm Reno, NV “Knowledge is Good.” (Farber College, “Animal House”) Howdy… As a public…   →   Source: The Rant
Doing Research for Your Book
// <!).push({}); // ]]> How to Start Research for a…   →   Source: Author Unlimited
The Right Tone-of-Voice = Not Sounding Like This Snarky Advert
I don’t know whether the world is getting meaner, or copywriters are looking for new…   →   Source: HarrisonAmy Copywriting

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