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131: Are You a True Writer If You Don’t Write Fiction?
Writing is a challenge regardless of whether it’s fiction or non-fiction. But can non-fiction writers…   →   Source: Goins, Writer
8 Techniques for Writing Personal Essay
Want to write the kind of food-based personal essay that delights an editor and an…   →   Source: Will Write For Food
The Email Secret Found In Donald Duck’s Nethers
One of the best copywriting lessons (that applies even more to email than writing sales…   →   Source: Ben Settle
How to Write Trustworthy Sales Copy (and Turn Maybes into Resounding Yeses)
Harvey Green thinks his sales copy is finally ready. His research has been more in-depth…   →   Source: Enchanting Marketing
Black Friday Sale Extended!
I realized that, if you’re like me (and since you are a writer, you probably…   →   Source: Charlotte Rains Dixon
How Bragging Can Make Skeptical Prospects Instantly Trust You
If you’ve bought any of my products or even if you’ve been on my list…   →   Source: Ben Settle
Gratitude, Schmatitude
Friday, 2:22pm Rancho Cucamonga, CA “Something is happening here, but you don’t know what it…   →   Source: The Rant
Online, you’re often writing headlines even when you’re not.
I know, today’s headline is a bit of a brain-twister. Here’s what I mean… There…   →   Source: Nick Usborne
So Many Ways to Organize A Cookbook
Have you decided how to organize your cookbook? Well, I hope you’re more creative — and forthcoming–…   →   Source: Will Write For Food
How to Craft a Business Story (and Energize Your Audience With Your Mission)
Imagine going to a networking meeting … You enter a room full of serious grey…   →   Source: Enchanting Marketing
Copywriter vs. Content Writer: Skills, Writing Fees and Expectations
Need content? You could enlist the services of a content writer. It probably won’t hurt…   →   Source: Feldman Creative
If you want people to remember something, tell them a story.
A few months back I wrote about how telling stories can influence people’s feelings. In…   →   Source: Nick Usborne
Should You Co-Write a Book? 7 Tips to Help You Decide
A guest post by Casey Barber It can feel overwhelming to take on a solo cookbook…   →   Source: Will Write For Food
How to Infuse Your Writing with Warmth, Hope and Kindness
*Sigh* Sometimes, blogging feels futile. When you started writing, it was easy to be enthusiastic.…   →   Source: Enchanting Marketing
Why I don’t like Buster the Boxer
The John Lewis ads truly have become a fixture of the festive season – as…   →   Source: ABC Copywriting
Infographics: Tips for Creating Content People Crave [Content Matters Episode 20]
Put information and visuals together, two things people crave, and you get infographics. Listen to…   →   Source: Feldman Creative
As The Web Goes to Video, What Happens to Writing?
Cookbook author and writer Michael Ruhlman returned to blogging recently, after a couple of months off.…   →   Source: Will Write For Food
How to Make Writing a Joy: 5 Tips for Finding Your Flow
Is writing a painful struggle? An excruciating battle to get your ideas on paper? If…   →   Source: Enchanting Marketing

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