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The Subterranean Foundations of Any Good Content Marketing Strategy
Let’s go deep for a moment. Below the surface, not in the 20th-century French existentialist…   →   Source: Copyblogger
Confused About Agile Marketing? Your Questions Answered
Despite the growing popularity of Agile marketing and the fervent evangelism of early adopters, most…   →   Source: Content Marketing Institute
EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) For Writers
As writers, we don’t have a lot of tools.  A computer, pen and paper.  Oh…   →   Source: Charlotte Rains Dixon
Practical Tools for Finding Courage and Revealing Your True Voice
In 1911, a man known as “Ishi” (the name just means man in his language),…   →   Source: Copyblogger
Merging Two Blogs: Strategies for Content Success
Maybe you have two separate blogs that deal with two elements of your overall business.…   →   Source: Content Marketing Institute
138: How to Navigate the Intersection of Art and Entrepreneurship: Interview with Steph Halligan
Many people believe that if they were to make a living from their creative work,…   →   Source: Goins, Writer
5 Reasons to Write for Trade Food Magazines
A guest post by Amelia Levin No, it’s not Bon Appetit or Saveur or Food…   →   Source: Will Write For Food
What’s Missing?
The patisserie opened with great fanfare and then fell flat. The brand had an international…   →   Source: The Story of Telling
How to Attract Your Ideal Customer with Perfectly Positioned Content
“Hello, I’m a Mac.” “And I’m a PC.” You remember Apple’s “Get a Mac” series…   →   Source: Copyblogger
How to Sculpt Concise Sentences (So Your Message Becomes Clear and Strong)
What if writing was like sculpting? Imagine a huge piece of marble in front of…   →   Source: Enchanting Marketing
How the World’s Best Journalists Bring Interviews to Life
At the ripe age of 28, after years of performing odd jobs at a small…   →   Source: Content Marketing Institute
It’s not always easy being upbeat on demand. It may even feel a little fake. But…
Whether I’m speaking on a stage, giving a live webinar or producing video-based training materials,…   →   Source: Nick Usborne
Taking the Day to Honor Dr. King
The blog is taking today off to honor the life and work of Dr. Martin…   →   Source: Copyblogger
How to Create Super Shareable Video Content
Whatever business you’re in, you’ve probably wondered how you can get your content to go…   →   Source: Content Marketing Institute
Why Every Writer Needs an Email List
Every writer needs an email list. It’s just that simple. If you aspire to publish a book…   →   Source: Goins, Writer
How To Communicate Value Beyond Describing Features And Benefits
In an attempt to gain the trust of prospective customers we often resort to simply…   →   Source: The Story of Telling
8+ Tools to Find Related Keywords for Your Content
“Write for the user, not the search engines,” continues to be a mantra of content…   →   Source: Content Marketing Institute
Content Marketing Talent: How to Fill Key Positions and Scale
  Content marketing is about people. Almost every company is doing content marketing. Why? It…   →   Source: Feldman Creative

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