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Digital Commerce Academy Opens to New Students Next Week
Just a heads up that our Digital Commerce Academy (DCA) — the resource that gives…   →   Source: Copyblogger
Doing Good is Simple: Interview with Chris Marlow
Too often people fight tooth and nail to claw their way onstage only to realize,…   →   Source: Goins, Writer
How SecureWorks Took Content Strategy From Guesswork to Game Changing
Editor’s note: Kira Mondrus is a finalist for 2017 Content Marketer of the Year. We…   →   Source: Content Marketing Institute
The Resource You Need to Move Your Digital Business Forward
I love digital business. Nothing else can match it for the freedom, the flexibility, the…   →   Source: Copyblogger
3 little-known conversion triggers to Jack Up Sales in the final 48 hours of your email campaign
48 hrs left… 24 hrs left… 12 hrs left… I’m about to close it! 8…   →   Source: CopyHackers
6 Writing and Productivity Rituals from the Copyblogger Creative Team
I’ve said for a long time … writers are magicians. We make something out of…   →   Source: Copyblogger
Is Your Social Content Picture-Perfect or Merely Taking Stock?
Attention span in social media can be measured in split seconds, not minutes. While your…   →   Source: Content Marketing Institute
Attention Deficit
Worldwide ad spending for 2017 is expected to reach $583.91 billion. That’s an increase of…   →   Source: The Story of Telling
3 Reasons Food Writing Doesn’t Pay
Actually there’s only one reason food writing doesn’t pay: Mostly women do it, and most…   →   Source: Will Write For Food
Where to Begin When It’s Time to Edit Your Content
As I’ve said before, overcoming perfectionism is not an excuse to publish sloppy or uninspired…   →   Source: Copyblogger
Content Amplification: How to Promote and Distribute Content Effectively
For a long time, focusing on search intent and organic traffic was all you needed…   →   Source: Content Marketing Institute
5 Steps to Website Security You Can Trust
Website security has never been more critical. Hackers, ransomware, and denial of service attacks are…   →   Source: Copyblogger
Who Would You Add to Your Content Marketing Team?
Content marketing team members’ titles may differ from company to company, but the tasks they…   →   Source: Content Marketing Institute
B2B SaaS Marketing Strategy: 27 Smart Marketing Tools and Tactics
  SaaS companies come and SaaS companies go. I watch closely. Sometimes from the outside.…   →   Source: Feldman Creative
Three Ways To Sell
If you want to get more comfortable about selling, it’s helpful to consider which of…   →   Source: The Story of Telling
On eclipses…and love (a love letter)
Dear Writers, Tomorrow (August 21) is the Great American Eclipse, and as you read this…   →   Source: Charlotte Rains Dixon
5 Key Milestones to Develop and Advance Your Content Marketing Program
A year after launching the brand journalism site Smarter With Gartner, two critical inflection points led…   →   Source: Content Marketing Institute
What Shrinks Know That You Don’t Yet
Saturday, 1:25pm Reno, NV “It’s game over, man, game over!” (Corporeal Hudson, “Aliens”) Howdy. Folks…   →   Source: The Rant

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