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How to Make a Living as a Writer When Creative Writing Isn’t Paying the Bills
I never thought of myself as an entrepreneur. Growing up, I filled journals with poetry,…   →   Source: Copyblogger
17 Questions to Break Free From Competitive Content Issues
In 1998, I became the investment club guide for My responsibilities included the creation…   →   Source: Content Marketing Institute
Why You Should Practice Every Day for Two Years Before You Expect to Succeed
One of the lessons I learned in researching the habits of successful creative people for…   →   Source: Goins, Writer
Why Starting a Podcast Intrigues Forward-Thinking Content Marketers
You know that familiar “awkward moment” is speeding toward you as the holiday functions and…   →   Source: Copyblogger
An Easy-to-Apply Framework to Build Your (New or Mature) Content Marketing Team
“Peek behind great content marketing efforts and you’ll nearly always find a driven, well-organized team.”…   →   Source: Content Marketing Institute
When you’re shopping at Uniqlo, it’s unlikely a sales assistant will ignore you. When you’re…   →   Source: The Story of Telling
Don’t listen to writing advice (A love letter)
One day this week, I rose at 5 AM.  I worked for an hour and…   →   Source: Charlotte Rains Dixon
Content Creation Robots Are Here [Examples]
How much will the evolving landscape of AI impact content creation? I had a conversation with…   →   Source: Content Marketing Institute
This Week in Content Marketing: Is There a Crisis in Content Marketing?
PNR: This Old Marketing with Joe Pulizzi and Robert Rose can be found on both…   →   Source: Content Marketing Institute
Go With The Flow
This morning when I got up at my usual early hour (made even earlier this…   →   Source: Charlotte Rains Dixon
The Rare White Squirrel Who Eats Pumpkins (and Other Stories of Creativity)
I’ll get back to the white squirrel in a minute … We hear from content…   →   Source: Content Marketing Institute
Present Tense Planning
When surgeon and author Atul Gawande treats a terminal patient, he doesn’t assess the available…   →   Source: The Story of Telling
Sleaze, Suckage, SEO … and Savings
Someone must have slipped the team some hot sauce, because it seems we’re all feeling…   →   Source: Copyblogger
How to Be a Successful Author in Both Fiction & Non-Fiction: Interview with Joanna Penn
Have you wondered what becoming a successful author actually takes, and if you can do…   →   Source: Goins, Writer
Building Your Content Marketing Team? 14 Skills for New, Growing, and Mature Programs
Each year, CMI founder Joe Pulizzi covers the essential roles you need on your content…   →   Source: Content Marketing Institute
The Most Powerful Writing Voice for 21st-Century Content
In the beginning was authority. From the earliest days of advertising, authority was one of…   →   Source: Copyblogger
What to Do After You Press Record: A Formula for Videos People Love
People are flocking to Amy Schmittauer’s YouTube series, Savvy Sexy Social. As of this writing,…   →   Source: Content Marketing Institute
Giveaway: “Best Cookbook in the World,” The Artful Baker
Yes, The Best Cookbook in the World is a real award for The Artful Baker: Extraordinary…   →   Source: Will Write For Food

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