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What’s Your Worst Writing Fear? Dread and Trepidation from Our Editorial Team
It seems straightforward enough. We human beings are innately verbal creatures. Writing is just taking…   →   Source: Copyblogger
Email Lists: When Smaller Is Actually Better
Have you been attracted to headlines like these? 50 Tips to Help You Get 50,000…   →   Source: Content Marketing Institute
The Forgotten Marketer
The best marketer I ever knew was a magician. Literally. John Knight was legendary, and…   →   Source: The Story of Telling
Blogger Gets Cookbook Deal With 1-Sentence Email
Aquafaba intrigued Rebecca Coleman, a food blogger and social media instructor who got a cookbook…   →   Source: Will Write For Food
Why Most Radio Ads Suck?
Well, first of all, do they suck? And compared to what? Do they suck any…   →   Source: Jeff Sexton Writes
The Best Place to Consistently Find Winning Content Ideas
For the fourth night in a row, I woke up at 4:00 a.m. to the…   →   Source: Copyblogger
How to Speed Up the Process to Find and Hire Top Content Marketing Talent
Half the battle is won. You have approval to add a new content marketing position…   →   Source: Content Marketing Institute
Clickbait or Damn Good Headline?
When I review applications from students in our Certified Content Marketer training program, I get…   →   Source: Copyblogger
The Smart (and Not-So-Smart) Ways to Use Vanity Metrics
Using vanity metrics to measure the performance of content campaigns on social media is perhaps…   →   Source: Content Marketing Institute
Perfect Ten
When we think of our work or products and services, we imagine the perfect ten…   →   Source: The Story of Telling
The Importance of Telling the Story
Tell the story. A friend calls.  A terrible thing has happened. She’s okay. But this…   →   Source: Charlotte Rains Dixon
How to Take an Audience-First Approach to Your Content
How do you identify an effective space in the content arena for your brand? Take…   →   Source: Content Marketing Institute
This Week in Content Marketing: Is Google’s Subscription Gift to Publishers a Trojan Horse?
PNR: This Old Marketing with Joe Pulizzi and Robert Rose can be found on both…   →   Source: Content Marketing Institute
Why NOW is the time for Conversational Copywriting.
Back in the days before the web, media channels worked just one way. You couldn’t…   →   Source: Nick Usborne
Experts Talk Content Workflow Challenges, Bottlenecks, and Solutions
Is content creation a challenge for your company? It is for one-third of B2B companies,…   →   Source: Content Marketing Institute
The Art Of Differentiation
We, humans, have always been good at noticing what’s compelling about others. Our species’ survival…   →   Source: The Story of Telling
Strongly Worded Advice Week on Copyblogger
This is a week of strong opinions on Copyblogger — designed to make you more…   →   Source: Copyblogger
Choosing Freedom Before Money, Fame and Influence: An Interview with Sol Orwell
People choose the entrepreneurial path for a number of reasons, some want the ability to…   →   Source: Goins, Writer

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